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Mwabu Education

Mwabu Education

Mwabu is an education business that supports African primary school teachers with appropriate technology to improve learning outcomes.

With unparalleled experience of developing and deploying digital educational solutions, including content, training and hardware, into schools. Mwabu is currently expanding their portfolio to reinforce literacy and numeracy offerings, and enhance data capture and analytics capabilities.

Mwabu education uses digital resources to enhance education outcomes for primary school learners.

Mwabu Education

Going the Extra Mile

World Cleanup Day

The GEM platform allows greater engagement with education content and puts learners and teachers in the driving seat. Teacher-led quizzes are loaded into the platform to challenge learners to participate and actively engage in completing onsite environmental tasks that bring core curriculum content to life for each learner. Learners collect virtual rewards, a ‘gem’ is won for every challenge completed.

GEM quizzes focus on environmental awareness and current the social illnesses impacting communities such as; gender based violence awareness, mal-nutrition awareness, basic literacy support as well as teaching care for the elderly.

Learners work in teams and are encouraged to deliver co-ordinated solutions, with a ratio of complexity that ignites cognitive thinking.

GEM works in partnership with World Clean Up day all our schools are encouraged to participate in this annual event.

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